Yuzu Chicken Wings
Shrimp Yaki-Pan Fry
Grilled Salmon
Japanese Curry
Our curry sauce is made with fresh vegetables.  It is healthy and tasty.
Welcome to Oriental Kitchen
Welcome to Oriental Kitchen, a small Japanese Cafe located at 7 San Pedro Rd., Colma, Ca.  94014.

Though we are small, we carry a variety of Japanese favorites which include Japanese curry, Special Ramen, Udon ,Teriyaki, Sushi, tempura, Yuzu Chicken Wings and much more!   Please come take our Spicy "Atomic" Challenge , and the 6 pounds "Godzilla " Sushi Challenge! (Please allow 30 to 40 mins for the Godzilla rolls)
Bento Box
2 Item Bento Box starting at $7.95 All Day!
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